Last Year's Speakers Include

  • John VogtVice President – Global Logistics Halliburton

  • Sarah TeslikSenior Vice President, Policy and Governance Apache Corporation

  • Bonnie FletcherDirector, Global Trade Compliance GE Oil and Gas

  • Natalia ShehadehAssociate General Counsel for Trade Compliance Weatherford

Improve efficiency, gain real-time insight into core logistics processes and achieve adherence to legal/customs requirements.

Global Trade Management is proving to be your key solution to reduce end-to-end logistics costs, simplify complex supply chain networks and ensure compliance in diverse markets.

Attend the 2nd Annual Global Trade Management 2014 and hear first-hand case studies, interactive panel discussions and engaging round table debates on how leading companies across the sector have transformed logistics performance through an innovative approach to Global Trade Management.

Maximize the effectiveness of your key trade management strategies through a shared knowledge exchange with global decision makers from leading oil, gas and petrochemical companies and you will learn critical lessons from world leading experts on how to:

  • Deploy GTM as a strategic tool to integrate and manage import / export processes and logistics and boost end-to-end visibility and efficiency
  • Develop an effective and traceable end-to-end compliance strategy for cross-border trade by using GTM to manage complex international logistics networks
  • Respond in real-time to unexpected routing changes, amends to orders and fluctuating customer demands to increase responsiveness while lowering logistics costs
  • Strengthen internal partnerships with key stakeholders to fully embed your GTM strategy
  • Implement GTM processes to reduce risk, liability and shipment delays

Why the 2nd Annual Global Trade Management is THE key event to prepare you in 2014, whatever your functional focus:


  • Get to grips with the intricacies of global import / export trade transactions: from free trade agreements to trade compliance
  • Understand key changes to international customs regulations to ensure facilitated customs clearance
  • Link trade compliance with logistics operations and trade finance


  • Gain real time insight into node by node activity at every stage of your logistics chain
  • Learn how to reduce your total, end-to-end logistics costs and ensure a substantial improvement to working capital
  • Use GTM as an automated “track and track” vehicle to simplify logistics processes and achieve easier cross-departmental accountability


  • Reduce corporate risk, liability and shipment delays through better supply chain visibility
  • Understand how GTM can be used as a competitive differentiation strategy
  • Ensure you are well positioned to respond to any changes in the international regulatory and legal framework

How can you get involved in 2014?

Keep checking the website for the 2014 agenda.

Let us know if you’ve got material that you’re interested in presenting as there are opportunities to speak or sponsor.